Grooved Coupling

Features and Benefits

• Grooved End fittings for grooved pipe combine the features of a straight line or a flexible coupling, a union and an extension at each pipe joint. The housings engage the groove around the entire pipe circumference, locking the pipe together.
• Grooved End fittings allow easy removal of pipe sections for replacement, cleaning and service.
• Since the grooves are not as deeply cut as threaded pipe, less metal is removed and more of the pressure rating of the pipe is retained.
• Installation time and cost is low, since only a socket wrench is required

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Mechanical piping joining systems ( known as Groove Joint ) are used in HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and mining, water and waste water treatment, oilfield operations, power plants, military, marine systems and other industrial applications.

This Mechanical piping systems offer an alternative to welding, threading, and flanging for joining two pipe ends.

Standard fitting pressure ratings conform to ratings of installed coupling
All fittings supplied with grooves or shoulders for fast installation
Fittings available from ¾ – 24″ | DN20 – DN600