Glass Partition

Scope OF Work
We Offer Supply & install job

Made by 10mm or 12mm thickness of Tempered Glass that comes in many colors.
Can be custom made into all shapes
Glass can be of an almost infinite combination of color, thickness, and opacity

For Estimate Require :

Total Length (feet) X Total Height (feet)
Glass Colour Type
Together with your company email address / fax no.
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Benefits of glass partitioning

Gives the premise a corporate and modern look
Variety of glass types to choose from Visibility is guaranteed
Lower cost than brick walls
It is soundproof thus fostering privacy and transparency
It is efficient as it saves energy that could be used on lighting
Portability and flexibility is assured as glass can be remounted on or demounted to other places for partitioning
It is appropriate for elegant and sleek design
More friendly communication is promoted than when you use traditional walls
It is easy to clean